Woolworths has lodged a Development Application with Brisbane City Council seeking approval for an integrated Woolworths supermarket, other retail and apartments at the largely vacant site bounded by Ferry, Deakin and Prospect Streets, Kangaroo Point. 

This updates an earlier application, which Council approved.

We revised our initial plans following the purchase of additional adjacent land to expand the project site. 

Since the earlier planning approval, Council planning allows for additional building stories at this locality. In addition to the approved 6 levels of apartments above the supermarket, we are proposing an additional 8 levels. 

Woolworths is also proposing a café, which stakeholders supported during earlier consultation.

The central location for the proposed Kangaroo Point supermarket will provide a local and accessible grocery retail offer.

A new supermarket will provide the opportunity for residents to shop closer to home, reducing the need to travel outside their local area to shop.

Local convenience shopping caters for customers who prefer more frequent shops, for fewer items which can be carried home, in addition to larger weekly shopping.

A 2,000m2 Woolworths supermarket is proposed. The future grocery offer will stock plenty of everyday grocery needs and variety.

Our revised project is currently in the planning and assessment phase. 

We will have a better understanding of possible timing following Council’s new assessment of our plans.

Following are our estimated timeframes:

Our proposal includes 246 car parks, within a four-level basement for future customers, residents, and visitors. The two on-street car parks will be retained. 

There will be separate car access for residents living in the apartments and customers. Residents will access parking from Prospect Street.  Customers will access parking from Ferry St.

Dedicated parking for parents, people with disability is included, along with spaces for motorbikes. Bike racks will also be provided.

A detailed traffic assessment is included in our Development Application. This report indicates the local road network can support the increased traffic with minor changes to travel times. 

We appreciate Deakin Street is busy during peak inner-city traffic. Customer and resident access points are separated. This will distribute the traffic coming to and from our site onto two roads, instead of one entry. 

Customers will access the car park via Ferry Street, and residents will access the residential car park from Prospect Street.

Yes, changes to local roads is planned.

We propose to dedicate land to Council to facilitate the widening of Deakin Street adjacent to the site. This is to allow a dedicated turn-in lane into Ferry Street, as pictured below, to assist traffic flow.

Dedicated right and left-hand turn lanes are planned at Ferry Street, as pictured below. Council previously approved these arrangements as part of their review of our former Development Application.

The site and locality receive ambient noise from the nearby Bradfield Highway. 

Mechanical plant will service the retail and apartments, however nearby residents are unlikely to experience additional noise. 

Specialist engineers will specify and select quiet mechanical plant, and this will be located and insulated to mitigate risk of local noise nuisance.

At this stage, the likely opening of the Woolworths supermarket will be in 2026, following approvals, detailed design, construction, and commissioning.

Council will determine hours of operation. 

The likely opening hours for the Woolworths supermarket will be 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 6pm Sunday and public holidays.

Workers will access the service bays from Prospect Street.

The service bays for deliveries and removal of waste will be inside the building to mitigate noise nuisance.

Waste and recycling services will usually occur before opening and after close.

We expect servicing to be no earlier than 6.00am and/or no later than 10.00pm. Actual hours will be determined through future conditions of approval.

Yes, Woolworths home delivery services will continue for Kangaroo Point.

Yes, our plans include a grocery pick-up service for goods ordered online. 

The ‘direct to boot’ service will be located within the retail basement car park.

If you have additional questions, please contact the project team.